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Fiddler Bulk UrlReplace is an extension of the urlreplace functionality already present in Fiddler2

Fiddler2’s UrlReplace lets you change URL’s on the fly transparent to most browser and many other programs using the net. This plugin extends this functionality in the following arrears.
  • Multiple replaces: Allows you to specify a set of search/replace parameters and specify the order in which they should execute
  • Persistence : Saves your settings from session to session
  • Load/Save : Lets you load and save settings file for sharing
  • Logging : Lets you see which URL’s were replaces by which search/replace items
  • UI : Presents a UI for creating and maintaining search/replace items
  • Command line interface: Extends the existing Comman line interface with new commands while respecting the existing functionality
  • Extended search options
    • Host only : Searches only the host part of the URL
    • Regular expressions : Allows you to use regular expressions when searching/replacing
    • Case sensitive/insensitive : Allows you to make case sensitive replaces
See the Examples for at deeper wallthrough of the options


Simply download the Plugin from Fiddler Bulk UrlReplace V1.2 and place the plugin (UrlReplace.dll) in Fiddler's Scripts folder usually located at C:\Program Files\Fiddler2\Scripts\

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