UrlReplace : Toggles urlreplace on and off

UrlReplace Help : Displays this dialog

UrlReplace Load : Lets you load a settings file into urlreplace

UrlReplace Merge : Lets you merge settings in a file with your existing items

UrlReplace Save : Lets you save your setting

UrlReplace Clear : Removes all items from the list

UrlReplace seekString replaceString [Group] [Comment] [/i] [/c] [/r] [/a] : Adds a new replace item in the replace list
seekString : the sting to search for
replaceString : the string to replace with
Group : Optional group to include the search in
Comment : Optional comment
/i : Ignore case (default true)
/r : Regular expression (default false)
/a : Active (default true)
/d : Disabled (default false)
/c : Case sensitive (default false)

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