Switching asset providers
At my company we are currently switching content provider from one
major player to another… politics… For testing the switch we needed to
‘simulate’ the switch for our QA staff. Instead of creating a completely
separate environment or messing around with the hosts file, we used
UrlReplace for changing the host. Something like this.
Switching asset provider

Short circuit buggy flash file
For a project I needed to maintain some code on a page which also
contained a flash causing the browser to crash (even Chrome and Firefox).
While our Flash guru was working on the flash and needed to access
the page I also needed to test my code so I used UrlReplace to replace
the buggy flash file for a completely different flash. Something like this.
Full url replace

Environment shifting
When working with a site containing many subsites with many codependences
you often end up in a situation where links between sites are not as easily
maintained as you’d normally hope for. In this situation I needed to navigate
my entire site on one specific server but all links on the pages were still
referring to the url’s picked up by our loadbalancer causing me to flip flop
between servers. All our servers are setup with a * alias in the dns allowing
me to address a specific server something like this www.01.mysite.com.
This allowed me to browse the entire site on the one server by doing
something like this.
Short curcuit the load balancer

See also the examples in Debugging Localhost Traffic and Debugging Webservices

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